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Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth

Learning from leading impact family offices


Suitable for both beginners and those looking to operationalize impact investments. 

Deep-dive into how experienced impact-oriented principals and family office managers operate, for real. In Partnership with impact-forward Single Family Office VP Capital.

This unique program empowers private wealth holders to understand how others – sometimes very differently positioned – wealth holders think and structure their processes in order to run an Impact Oriented Family Office.

The course draws on CSP’s learnings from 8 years of helping ultra high net worth individuals develop and implement sophisticated sustainable investment strategies with impact at their center. 

Key aspects about the program:

  • Focus: Strictly taking the perspective of wealth holders & single family office managers.
  • Format: Fully interactive with deep discussions, answering the questions of all participants.
  • Cases: Impact-leading wealth holders or family office executives sharing openly & in detail about their own setups.
  • Setting: Protected university environment free of conflicts of interest (strictly non-solicitation) and all discussions under Chatham house rules.
  • Cohort: An intimate setting of families, available upon invitation only.


VP Capital, the leading Dutch / Belgian single family office with strong focus on positive impact.


Cohort-size capped at 15 families represented by Principals and senior Family Office staff.


EUR 4'800 per person or EUR 9'800 for three representing people the same family/ Family Office.


    Dr. Falko Paetzold & Francesca Spoerry, CSP, University of Zurich
    Guus van Puijenbroek and Astrid Leyssens, VP Capital - Single Family Office
    Prof. Dr. Matthias Waldkirch, EBS University
    Moritz Kortekangas, Imladris– Single family office
    Amandine Favier, Head of Sustainable Finance at WWF Switzerland
    Robert Boogaard, PCG Investments – Single Family Office


Are you interested in the training or do you have questions regarding timelines or content? If so, please contact program manager Francesca Spoerry

May 15th-17th, 2024; University of Zurich, Switzerland


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May 2024 Training  (PDF, 1 MB)

Learning from leading impact family offices. Deep-dive into how experienced impact-oriented principals and family office managers operate, for real.