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Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth

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Excellence in research lays the foundation of CSP. The knowledge produced by the research team can be divided into two pillars: academic research and practitioner research. Projects and collaborations built on these two pillars enable long-term and real-world impact.


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Academic Research
The research team of CSP conducts rigorous academic research on key topics in investment impact, climate risks, microfinance, investor preferences, and the role of banks and advisors in steering investments toward impact. The work of the team seeks answers to some of the key questions that keep sustainable investing from reaching its full potential. Find out more here



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Applied Research
Research conducted under the applied research track focuses on finding solutions and amplifying best practices to steer capital at scale to sustainable development and impact. CSP applies its unique combination of work with family offices and in an independent university setting as leverage to provide solutions to real-world problems. Find our reports here




The CSP researchers work on and publish several papers, articles, reports, and books and book chapters about sustainable finance and impact investing every year. In addition, CSP also features selected bachelor’s and master’s theses. Find all of the team’s work and the featured theses here