Executive & University Education

The allocation of capital is a key lever of change in the capitalistic system. In order to enable the development of a sustainable financial system, CSP provides trainings that bridge the gap between knowledge created through our research to better decision-making in practice. This bridge is built with the help of three key stakeholder groups: private wealth owners, practitioners, and students.


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In the coming years, the next generation of high net worth individuals will inherit an estimated 41 trillion US dollars. Surveys have shown that these next-gens, generally family members between the age of 25 and 50, are increasingly interested and drawn to the value proposition of investing with positive impact. 

Even though the will is there, the way does not always unfold with ease. This is where the IRI/CSP Impact Investing for the Next Generation program steps in. This program has been tailor-made to support next gens who wish to explore impact investing for their personal and their family’s portfolios. This is a program for those who want to invest like it means something.

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Research conducted by CSP has highlighted the lack of capacity of wealth managers in steering capital to sustainable investing. Furthermore, development professionals are increasingly interested in merging finance streams through blended finance. The trainings offered by CSP for practitioners and professionals cover a wide thematic scope equipping professionals with the tools needed to steer private wealth toward sustainable development.

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The interest in sustainable finance keeps gaining momentum in the University. The research and teaching work of CSP feeds to the growing university offering of the University of Zurich.

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