The goal of our outreach work is to actively summarize and publish academic findings in public media outlets, engage in partnerships and support other universities and wealth owner groups, and build and mentor a community of wealth owners.

In regard to media, we work towards the regular placing of research results in international magazines and newspapers through the close work with a dedicated science journalist.

Towards universities, the Center supports related work by the teams at the Initiative for Responsible Investing at Harvard University and the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan, and pursues conversations with groups at other universities to collaboratively develop, disseminate and scale training programs. Further outreach activities include our work with promoters of sustainable finance, NGOs and policy bodies, wealth owner communities and industry bodies.

One major challenge for many wealth owners that want to engage in sustainable finance is the lack of independent, knowledgeable, trusted support throughout their journey over years. We are developing a peer-to-peer community of private wealth owners that we support over years in their journey as they integrate sustainability into their investment portfolios and firms. This includes:

  • Coherent line of peer-to-peer excursions and workshops on very specific, at times technical topics, based on the specific needs voiced by the wealth owners in the group
  • A peer-to-peer mentoring and buddy structure of curated connections
  • Individual briefings with recommendations for activities, people and readings that matter particularly for the individual
  • Annual learning and community building offsite and other activities that allow for deep, genuine learning and for a community to form