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Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth

Applied Research

Research conducted under the applied research track focuses on finding solutions and amplifying best-practices in order to steer capital at scale to sustainable development and impact. CSP applies its unique combination of work with family offices and in an independent university setting as leverage to providing solutions to real-world problems.

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Cover of the Guide The Investor's Guide to Impact.

Investor Impact - How Can Investors Change the World?

Doing good while doing well has become the mantra of sustainable investing. While it is easy to measure whether an investment did well, assessing the good created remains a challenge. This challenge is at the heart of CSP’s research on investor impact. Learn more about the report here

Report Cover Does ESG integration impact the real economy?


Does ESG integration impact the real economy?

ESG integration means that environmental, social, and governance metrics and ratings are integrated into investment decisions. It is the most used sustainable investment approach worldwide. But how does ESG integration impact the real economy? Find answers in this report


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Ten Ingredients for Impact Investing – Eight Families Share Their Recipes

Families play a unique role in the impact investing landscape as investors, collaborators, and ecosystem builders. However, family investors often come with complexities such as diverging needs and approaches. To shed light on their pathways, CSP and The ImPact interviewed eight families on how they walk the talk of impact investing. Learn more and read our report here

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Sustainable Investing Capabilities of Private Banks

The first iteration of the research project was kicked off in 2017 and CSP has since produced reports on the concrete capabilities of private banks in implementing sustainable investing solutions for wealthy clients. Learn more about the project here

Blenende Finances: when to use which instrument? Cover


Blended Finance: When to use which instrument?

As seen at COP26, blended finance is considered a critical tool for public and philanthropic capital to maximize environmental and social impact. With growing interest in blended finance, the sector is seeing diverse and innovative tools, yet with little guidance on how to select between them. Find out when to use which tool here

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Unlocking Investments for Water Entrepreneurship

Are there innovative, entrepreneurship-driven solutions for investing in the water sector? What are possible financing instruments, and which ones are most suitable for you as an entrepreneur? Moreover, where should you invest as an investor interested in the water sector? Learn more about the report here

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Unleashing the Potential of Faith-Based Investing

Faith-based investing is considered as old as religion itself and religion is seen as having played a central role in the early development of sustainable and responsible investing. But where do these trailblazers stand today? What insights can the field offer the impact investing community at large? Learn more about the project and report  here

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Private Banking and International Environmental Goals

The demand for banks to step up their game in meeting international environmental agreements is louder than ever before. The Aligning Misalignment report published in August 2020 proposes clear steps that banks can take to be serious players in environmental sustainability. Learn more about the project and report  here

Research and Insights into Blended Finance

The practitioner research in Blended Finance strives to generate knowledge on the largely unresearched field and fill critical information gaps in effective SDG financing. Learn about the Initiative for Blended Finance at the University of Zurich here

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The ImPact: Families impact investment interests and activities

The collaborative research project with The ImPact explores the interests and status of impact investing of ultra high net worth families. The most recent reports have both noted an increasing interest in impact investing, yet continue to underscore the demand for wealth managers and advisors with specialized knowledge in sustainable and impact investing. Have a look at the key findings and the 2020 report here (PDF, 3 MB) and the 2019 report here (PDF, 1011 KB)


World Economic Forum: The Paths of Next Gen Impact Investors

A collaborative report together with the World Economic Forum and the Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard University on the role of (young) private wealth owners and the main barriers they face in moving capital toward impact. Read the Impact Investing for the Next Generation: Insights from Young Members of Investor and Business Families report here (PDF, 563 KB)