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Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth

Academic Research

CSP has conducted rigorous academic research on key topics in investment impact, climate risks, microfinance, investor preferences, and the role of banks and advisors in steering investments toward impact. The work of the team has answered key questions that keep sustainable investing from reaching its full potential.

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Investor Impact


Sustainable and impact investing is on the rise, but how can investors actually make a change? The Can Sustainable Investing Save the World? Reviewing the Mechanisms of Investor Impact research paper dives into the different mechanisms of how investors can use their leverage to invest in change. Learn more about the project here.

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As of today, agencies assign environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings to firms in order to gauge the extent to which firms act in a sustainable manner. Despite providing vital information, the ratings between different rating agencies diverge substantially. The research project implemented together with MIT Sloan looks at this divergence and asks what could be done about it. Read more about the project here

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Despite the trillions of dollars managed by the financial industry worldwide, half the world remains unbanked. The lack of financial inclusion affects the poorer and most vulnerable segments of the population disproportionately. Research in microfinance seeks answers to drivers and bottlenecks in the financial inclusion at the bottom of the pyramid. Dive into our work in microfinance here.