NextGen Impact Leadership Accelerator (NILA)


The NILA program is designed to unlock the potential of highly motivated HNW Millennials, enabling them to catalyze their families’ involvement in impact investment and sustainable finance.

NILA is a unique in-depth capacity-building program that combines the elements of:

•In-class training at leading universities
•Personalized mentoring and support
•Practical experience in the field

NILA helps participants to develop a strategy for themselves and their families for engaging in impact investing and sustainable finance, and to implement that strategy successfully.

Due to the high level of individual support, the cohort size is capped at 10 partici-pants. The possibility of tailoring the program to suit your individual needs, combining core and optional elements, allows those students with sufficient time to immerse themselves in the topic, while also making it possible for students currently in full-time employment to participate.

NILA is rooted in science and practice. It is jointly run by the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP) at the University of Zurich and JBJ Consult, led by Dr. Julia Balandina Jaquier, an internationally recognized expert on impact investing and author of “Catalyzing Wealth for Change: Guide to Impact Investing."


The '18 - '19 NILA cohort is currently ongoing from August 2018 until June 2019. For more information and to join the upcoming '19 - '20 cohort, please reach out to .



•Access to the experts: Learn from well-known practitioners, financial investment experts and leading academics.
•Small groups: Receive bespoke, practice-oriented, highly interactive training in an intimate group of maximum ten peers.
•Practical knowhow: Gain hands-on experience through site visits to impact funds and social enterprises, learning journeys in emerging markets, and practical exercises – learning from real-life experience.
•Strategic consulting and mentoring: Benefit from tailored one-to-one support and mentoring to develop your unique personal strategy and grow as an individual.
•Inspirational role models: Meet and share experiences with NextGens from around the world who share your desire to make a difference and are at a more advanced stage of their impact-investment journeys.
•Self-customized offering: Adapt the program to your specific needs by combining core elements, tailored support and a broad range of optional add-ons, such as support in finding a hands-on impact internship or obtaining a formal finance degree.


NILA is structured to build the capacity and confidence to become a successful impact investor. NILA equips private investors with the essential skills, hands-on experience and personal support needed to become meaningfully engaged in the field.

toniic organisation structure diagram


NILA is structured as five core modules. Between the modules, the NILA Fellows work individually and in small groups to advance their projects. Participants also benefit from individual implementation support and mentoring, learning journeys on the ground, deep dives into specific topics, events run in conjunction with the key organizations in the impact ecosystem, and support in the optional attainment of a hands-on six-month work placement.