Sustainable Finance Research Seminar

The Sustainable Finance Research Seminar regularly invites academics to present new research on topics in sustainability finance. The seminar starts again in the fall semester 2020.

The seminar takes place Thursdays 12:15--13:45, starting with a small lunch, followed by a one-hour talk and a Q&A.

By passing an oral exam during the exam session, doctoral students earn 3 ECTS. The seminar can be found in the course catalogue of the University of Zurich as DOEC0912.

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Schedule Fall Semester 2019

Date Location     Speaker Title
19.09.   RAK-E-7  

Oguzhan Karakas

University of Cambridge

Coordinated Engagements        



Tanja Ohlson

University of Oxford

Starting a new conversation: introducing a new issue into investor-investee conversations (PDF, 328 KB)



Felix Kübler

University of Zurich (DBF)

Making Carbon Taxation a Generational Win Win



Lisa Goldberg

University of California at Berkeley

Sustainable Investing and the Cross-Section of Maximum Drawdown

Additional Links to articles:

A Guide to ESG Portfolio Construction

ESG Alpha

Gender Diversity Investing




Peter Fiechter

University of Neuchatel

Real effects in anticipation of mandatory disclosures: Evidence from the European Union's CSR directive

31.10. RAK-E-7  

Julian F. Kölbel

University of Zurich (DBF/CSP)

Aggregate Confusion: The Divergence of ESG Ratings
07.11. RAK-E-7  

Julia Kapraun

Goethe University Frankfurt

(In-) Credibly Green: Which Bonds Trade at Green Bond Premium? (PDF, 570 KB)
14.11. RAK-E-7  

Alain Cohn

University of Michigan

Why do the rich oppose redistribution? An experiment with America's top 5% (PDF, 480 KB)

(Appendix) (PDF, 2315 KB)

21.11. HAH-F-01  

Philipp Krüger

University of Geneva

Institutional Investors' Views and Preferences on Climate Risk Disclosure (PDF, 1785 KB)
28.11. RAK-E-7  

Florian Egli

ETH Zurich

A dynamic analysis of financing conditions for renewable energy technologies
05.12. RAK-E-7  

Stefano Ramelli

University of Zurich (DBF)

Personal Values, Responsible Investing and Stock Allocation

12.12. RAK-E-7  

Matthias Kruttli

Federal Reserve Board

Pricing Poseidon: Extreme Weather Uncertainty and Firm Return Dynamics (PDF, 3419 KB)

19.12. RAK-E-7  

Caroline Flammer

Boston University

Corporate Governance and Social Impact of Non-Profits: Evidence from a Randomized Program on Healthcare in the Deomcratic Republic of Congo  


Schedule Spring Semester 2019

Date Location   Speaker Title
21.02.   KOL-E-13

Sebastian Utz

University of St. Gallen

Markowitz Portfolio Selection and the Power of a Third Criterion in Ethical Impact Portfolios

14.03. KOL-E-13

Stefano Battiston

University of Zurich 

Science-based Methods to Price Climate Risk in Financial Investment Portfolios
21.03. KOL-N-1

Amir Amel-Zadeh

University of Oxford

Sustainability and Shareholder Value: Evidence from the Field
02.05. KOL-E-13

Hannes Wagner

Bocconi University

Insider Entrenchment and Corporate Sustainability Around the World
16.05. KOL-E-13

Kathrin de Greiff

University of Zurich

The Pricing of Environmental Risk in Syndicated Loans
23.05. KOL-F-123  

Alexander Wagner

University of Zurich

Stock Price Rewards to Climate Saints and Sinners: Evidence from the Trump Election
13.06. KOL-E-18

Alena Miftakhova

University of Zurich

Global Sensitivity of Optimal Climate Policy
20.06. KOL-E-18

Paul Smeets

Maastricht University

Get Real! Individuals Prefer More Sustainable Investments